Storage of Physical Assets


The secure management of assets (works of art and cultural assets, precious metals and jewels, securities and documents, and further individual valuables) is a central task of Swiss Data Safe AG. This comprises the comprehensive project-oriented service from secure transport and secure storage and care of the valuables through to the organisation of unique events and presentations. Valuables do not need to be hidden away to be kept secure. You can experience your assets - alone, with your clients, with your family. It is for this reason that a demanding clientele from around the world places its trust in us.

  • Secure transport: the transportation of works of arts is a specialist service
  • High-security storage: customer vault, open bonded warehouse (VAT-exempt)
  • Events and presentations: let your assets take centre stage
  • Conservation and restoration: to maintain your assets

Secure Service & Asset Management (PDF 800 KB)