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Virtual workplace including mobile voice communication (Secure WorkSpace®).
Secure WorkSpace®, Swiss Data Safe’s virtual workplace, is operated out of high-security data centers based on former army command bunkers. Be it at home, in your office or anywhere else in the world, within closed user groups you can safely and securely work with your business applications and data, send encrypted messages or have secure mobile phone conversation.

Virtual workplace (Secure WorkSpace®)

Proprietary authentication and encryption technologies assure that your privacy and data is always protected.

Either you use a range of integrated features like video chat, file sharing or data backup, or you use the state of the art security and administration features to integrate, harden and manage your own or third-party applications.

Mobile voice communication

With encrypted mobile voice communication, the natural extension of Secure WorkSpace®, all features of modern mobile communication are available to you.

Proprietary software-based encryption algorithms, going hand in hand with built-in hardware security features, are working seamless in the background while you use your mobile device as always.