Data Center

secure system and data management unlimited

Housing and hosting, online data storage, on- and offline backup, digital long-term archive.
Swiss Data Safe’s high-security data center infrastructure is embedded deep in the solid rock of the Alps giving highest possible physical protection. In combination with redundant broadband carriers, power supply, cooling and fire prevention systems and stringent access procedures, a truly secure and reliable platform for your systems, applications and data is guaranteed.

Housing and hosting

From one rack in a shared room up to private rooms including tailor-made access procedures and specific monitoring technologies, it is all sizable to your data center needs.

Either you operate your own systems, or you mandate us to take care of all components up to the operating system level, and you focus on the management of your business applications and data.

On- and offline backup

Based on highly encrypted, redundant broadband connections, you can backup your data on disk systems and tape libraries, and this fully automated and in line with your internal policies and backup procedures.

Offline data copies held in trust give you additional protection from accidental or malicious data deletion. The option that we store and transport your own data media rounds out our backup services.

Digital long-term archive

Based on system-independent long-term data carriers, your data can be archived for years or decades in line with your needs and retention requirements. From data extraction, long-term offline storage and regular integrity checks to data re-integration, we offer comprehensive solutions.

During the offline phase, all metadata is available to you to support the data search and archive management.

Online data storage

Manage your data and file systems as you are used to locally, but based on our online data storage facilities.

Besides reducing your data storage expenses, benefit from automated backup and recovery procedures making your data safe and secure.