secure asset management unlimited

Storage, transport, conservation and restoration, presentation.
Be it precious metals, diamonds, jewelry, works of art, antique cars or other individual objects of high value, Swiss Data Safe’s highly sensitive fortified systems built deep in the solid rock of the Alps guarantee a truly secure place outside given system risks. Qualified personnel and certified protection processes in combination with a broad range of auxiliary services ensures storage solutions that are uncompromising and unique.


Whether it's a personal safe-box, a dedicated heavy-duty drawer or an individually installed strong room with additional, customized monitoring and alarm systems and access procedures, we can fully meet your specific requirements.

Bonded warehouse sections, a full-risk insurance for all stored goods and round the clock accessibility round off the service.


Nationally or internationally, the transportation of artworks and other kinds of valuables places the highest demands on personnel, vehicle and equipment.

You can rest assured that our specialists are highly knowledgeable and widely experienced and that they proceed with due care and attentiveness, and of course with absolute discretion.

Conservation and restoration

The secure and professional handling and storage of sensitive objects is guaranteed at all times.

Our long-standing cooperation with restorers and art experts assures for extensive care and restoration services around your stored objects as well as their professional documentation, and this onsite without any transportation risk.


Grottos and spectacular panorama halls set the stage when it comes to presenting your works of art or other valuables to clients, family members or friends.

Professional events and presentations in surroundings of your choice, in representative showrooms or in a traditional, refined ambience, can be organized at your discretion.