secure document management unlimited

Long-term physical document archive, document digitalization, metadata extraction and management.
Deep in solid rock in specially conditioned archive rooms of Swiss Data Safe, with oxygen-reduction based fire prevention systems and automated steering of all relevant climate parameters, your long-term physical document archives are protected against any kind of damage, unauthorized access or loss. With different digitalization and metadata extraction techniques, all relevant data for an automated management of your archive becomes available.

Long-term physical document archive

In professionally managed, around the clock monitored shared or private archive rooms, your physical documents are stored audit-proof in the long term, but still accessible any time.

Strict access control procedures prevent from unauthorized access while stringent document destruction procedures and techniques, available onsite, determine the lifecycle of documents in line with legal obligations and your policies.

Document digitalization

With high-performance scanners, your physical documents are digitalized and become available to your electronic archives, while the original is kept safely aside to obey the document retention requirements.

Also, by introducing audit-proof electronic signatures, the number of physical documents can be reduced significantly.

Извлечение и управление метаданными

Полностью автоматизированные средства извлечения метаданных, доступные через интерфейс, предоставляют вам всю необходимую информацию для управления вашими архивами, основываясь на ваших системах и процессах.